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Published: 04 September 2021

By Andy Ross

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Article of the week - number eighty-three - a cross-cultural shirt

Cape Town is one of the world's meeting places where food, music and style from all over the world come together.

In a trendy area of the city, tailors work from small spaces that used to be shops in the early 20th Century. There they put together the brightest of African fabrics to create jackets, suits and shirts. One such is Black Chillie Style, a wonderful shop where West African designers work with South African fabrics to create magic.

The denim used to create this shirt is probably locally produced in South Africa although the fabric was originally made in France and popularised in the USA, and the coloured fabric used around the cuffs, shoulders, neck and front panel may also be South African, although it could easily have been imported from elsewhere on the continent such as West Africa. The shirt has embroidery on its front; "Cape Town" in red and yellow thread. 

Fashion is big business in Africa. By mixing different influences together like Black Chillie Style does, a new identity has been emerging for a few decades now across the continent. Have a look at the images that this search brings up on Ecosia to see what I mean. Cool, fresh, cosmopolitan and undoubtedly African.