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Published: 10 July 2021

By Andy Ross

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Article of the week - number sixty-eight - a tweed jacket

Tweed, that most quintessential British fabric, seems to never go out of style. 

This jacket, byDaks, London, was bought at a vintage shop. It is made from "Pure New Wool" and was made in Great Britain. The styling and labelling looks late 1970s or, more likely, '80s, and the colours in the tweed are bright. The stripes in the tweed, which is woven in a twill, are blue, red, green, blue, white, grey and ochre as you can see in the detail right, in two width stripes: 2 thread blocks followed by 4 thread blocks. This variety of colour and width of stripe makes for a vibrant and interesting fabric that has been expertly crafted to create the jacket. 

Daks was founded in 1894 and has remained an important name in British tailoring history.