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Published: 08 August 2020

By Andy Ross

Article of the Week number twenty six - a length of saree silk

This piece has recently been added to the collection in the studio.

It is a length (5 metres) of printed silk for use as a saree and is part of a growing set of these iconic textiles in the collection. There was no information about this except that it is vintage but, from the look of it, it is probably 1960s. 

The saree is an old form of dress, in fact, amongst the oldest still in use. Here is a brief history. For those who would like to know some more in-depth information try this link.  The design of this length is inspired by the jazz age with the bright colours of the 1960s or, perhaps, the 70s. 

If anyone has any more information on this or any of the pieces featured in the blog, please email. It is always interesting to hear about the items in the collection.