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Published: 18 July 2020

By Andy Ross

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Article of the Week - number twenty three - a kimono design

This painting was bought at auction a few weeks ago and when it arrived turned out, as quite often is the case, much larger than anticipated.

Apologies for the angle from which this photo was taken but it is a glazed piece and refelections combined with the size made it impossible to photograph in any other way. We think that it is a design for a kimono, but it has no identifying marks or title. The design and the frame, we think, make this from the 1980s. It is not clear who the artist is or where it comes from but if anyone has any information, we would be very grateful to add that. 

Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader, last week's blog entry about the Tutankhamun piece has been identified as a wool work domestic piece. Thank you Ms You-Know-Who-You-Are. It is always good to be have new information about the collection.