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Published: 11 July 2020

By Andy Ross

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Article of the Week - number twenty two - Tutankhamun Rya rug

Rya rugs were originally made as bed coverlets - Shetland's taatit rugs are related - and were handmade using a knotting technique.

You can read more about Rya rugs here.

The piece in the collection looks like a Rya rug but it is unusual in being long and thin; two metres long and sixty centimetres wide. At the top it has a looped set of threads which look as though they would have been used to hang the piece on a wall, pushing a rod through the loops to suspend it. What is very interesting is the motif woven into the pile. It is Tutankhamun, the Egyptian king whose tomb was revealed in 1922 by Howard Carter's archaeological explorations. We do not know when this piece was made but it may be mid-century.Here are images, one of the whole piece, and some details to show the front and the back for the technique. 

If any of our readers know more information we would love to hear it. Please send an email to let us know.