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Published: 23 January 2016

By Andy Ross

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All about Ann

Regular readers of the blog will know that we brought the studio up to Shetland ten years ago now, so this year is a special one for us. 

It was all thanks to a very special person and weaver extraordinaire, Ann Sutton, that we even started on this fascinating journey into weaving and making cloth and we visited Ann in January in Arundel where she lives. What a lovely afternoon with friends and conversation and food and wine, and best of all, Ms Sutton on sparkling form presented us with some very precious gifts, one of which is coming to the collection in Sellafirth: a hammock, handmade and very beautiful. We will be bringing it to Shetland in March and I cannot wait to read about all the work that has gone into it and to see the video that came with the gift of the community that makes these extraordinary pieces. Thank you, Ann. What a very thoughtful gift.

Some of the other gifts are a Tip Top Secret at the moment but even more exciting! We will be blogging soon about them...