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Published: 11 August 2018

By Andy Ross

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Annie Mouat

The only woman that I know of in Shetland who was a professional weaver is Annie Mouat.

Annie's tweeds are very hard to track down. During the tweed research project we asked for samples or even pictures of her work but to no avail; none came to light. It was a real surprise therefore and absolutely wonderful this morning to go to the local Scrapstore to be greeted with a beautiful blue, green and black rug from Annie's Mouat's Cottage Weavers company that someone had donated for sale. We are now the proud owners of the piece and Very Proud we are of it. 

If anyone has any more information about Annie or her company we would be very keen to hear from you. Please email us at globalyell@btconnect.com or call Andy on 01957 744 355.