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Published: 08 December 2018

By Andy Ross

What's on Alvin?

We have been weaving fabric for the summer this month. Here is what is on Alvin at the moment.

This warp, which went on a few weeks back, has been very satisfying to work with. Alvin-the-loom has had a makeover and upgrade (thanks, Donald and Alexa) and has been working flat-out to weave a cloth which references Scottish tartan in a unique Shetland way. Luckily we put on twenty metres of warp so we can make two different fabrics on the same warp. Now that the tartan-like fabric is done we are creating a calmer design in plain weave using grey shades. 

If anyone had told me a few years back that we would be happily weaving fabrics in the isles, I probably would have looked at them askance. I am truly grateful that we are though and every day I feel happy walking into the studio and seeing what we are producing. Talk about job satisfaction!