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Published: 10 November 2014

By Andy Ross

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Some useful advice

You know those don't-want-to-get-out-of-bed days when things just seem too overwhelming to face? Or those days when you wonder why you do what you do?

We all have those days and so this article by our friends over at Textileartist.org really does help get over the hump and put the zing back in... well, zing! Thanks guys.

BUT, it being a lucky day, that is not all. By a strange coincidence, today's email from across the wide ocean, Pip in Australia, who runs the fabulous blog, Meet me at Mike's, also offers useful advice from her great grandfather, Frank. Here it is verbatim, lifted unashamedly from Pip's blog. Thank you, Ms Lincolne.

It’s a great art, this human angling, and needs infinite tact, and infinite subtilty and infinite patience. And above all, it needs a resolute determination never on any account whatever to be soured by disappointment. When I am tempted to wind up my line, and give the whole thing up in despair, I revive my flagging enthusiasm by recalling the rapture of my earlier catches… In the long and tedious hours when the waiting is weary and the nibblings vexatious and the bites disappointing, let him live on these wealthy memories as the bees live in the winter on the honey that they gathered in the summer-time.

So two great inspirational pieces for the dark days of winter. Way hay!