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Published: 28 September 2012

By Andy Ross

A digital roadshow in Shetland

There seems to be something in the air this week. I have spoken about the internet and technology a few times and then this comes along!

On the 18th October there is a roadshow at the new cinema and music venue in Shetland, Mareel. Starting at 10 and ending at five, this is a free event, and you will need to register on  http://ambition-roadshow-mareel.eventbrite.co.uk/ The information below comes from Shetland Arts who are running the event.

 What is it?

A event from AmbITion Scotland to let folk from performing and visual arts organisations, cultural and heritage venues, cultural events, community arts groups and festivals (to name just a few!) know about how some of Scotland’s most remote artistic projects, and how cultural organisations have used digital tools to create global reach, scale, and access to their local work – engaging and increasing their audiences both locally and globally.

Roadshow Agenda:

10.00: Registration

10.30am to 1.00pm: Workshops

  • Hands on workshops exploring the emerging potential of using digital tools to encourage global reach, access, engagement and participation with local projects initiated by the creative, cultural and heritage sector. (Choose two of the three.)
    • Rudman Consulting: Basics of Webcasting
    • Lucy Conway - Eigg Box & Stef Lewandowski Geek-In-Residence: Choose and Use Free Online Tools
    • Â Stephen Hurrel - Cape Farewell Sea Change Artist: Environmental Sound Recording and Mixing using available/free media and tools. Â
1.00pm – 2.00pm Lunch and Networking

2.00pm – 3.45pm Live afternoon seminar, webcast live to online audiences:Â

  • See and hear first hand case studies of projects that have implemented Glo/cal principles through utilising digital tools, and will take away practical advice on how digital tools can help you deepen participation and engagement with your global and local audiences.
  • Learn about how projects have created living archives and how they have also devolved programming into the hands of audiences, crowd sourcing curation and participation.
  • Participate in a live and online Q & A session
Speakers:Â Gwilym Gibbons, Director of Shetland Arts Development Agency, Hannah Rudman, Lucy Conway, Stef Lewandowski, Stephen Hurrel

16.15 – Networking, tour of Mareel