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Published: 17 January 2011

By Andy Ross

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A change to the website

We have been having problems with the website for anyone that uses Windows Vista system. We have tried to sort out the problem but without success so subscribers will now receive all the blog news each week in full as a text document. You can still go onto the website (creativeindustriesshetland.org.uk) and read the text plus see the changes to each page.

For anyone that is having trouble viewing the website, please check the URL (the address at the top of the page which you type in to find the website.) It should read http://www.creativeindustriesshetland.org.uk with nothing else after this. That address will take you to our homepage and you can navigate from there. If there is something else after the address (for example, /wp-mail.php or something like that, you will need to delete that part and press Return.