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Published: 21 March 2010

By Andy Ross

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A basket-making workshop

I have just been to Sellafirth where there is a basket-making workshop going on, organised by Lois Walpole and Jeanette Nowak. It is fantastic to see fourteen people working to make basket structures out of recycled rope, plastic bags, and dried reeds and plants. I have taken some pics and will post those on the website later on this week. For more information about Lois, have a look at her website, www.loiswalpole.com, and for Jeanette, see the CraftScotland website http://www.craftscotland.org/ makers_search_results_by_ID.html.MakerID-1106.html. Thanks everyone for allowing me to come in and see what you are up to, and letting me take pics! I love the work.