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Published: 26 August 2017

By Andy Ross

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Late summer visitors

This week we have two visitors who are working on projects. 

Lynn has just joined us for a few days and is going to be continuing research into interesting structures with multiple uses. I hope someday we can show you a few of the fabrics that Lynn has already made but for the moment the ideas have to remain Top Secret! If, however, you pop into the studio you may see something interesting...

Teresa is rekindling an interest in weaving prior to going to the Himalayas to work with a community on setting up a weaving venture. It sounds like a Very Interesting Project, and relearning a craft after thirty five years away from it takes a great deal of courage. Teresa has been working with Jamieson and Smith's one ply yarn and has produced some beautiful samples, as light as a feather.

We have had a busy summer this year with people coming to take advantage of the studio. Five weavers of varying experience have made their way North, and we are very pleased to have had you all. We learn just as much as others during these residencies and it is fascinating to hear about the experiences, hopes and dreams people have for this fascinating craft.