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Clothes on filmRead MoreJune 19, 2021


Rosalind Russell in the opening scenes of the film His Girl Friday wears a wonderfully strong outfit of chevron-styled fabric.

Repairing a rope bridgeRead MoreJune 19, 2021

A rope bridge strung across the Apurimac river in Peru has been rebuilt.

A visit to Making Nuno at Japan HouseRead MoreJune 19, 2021


This week we visited Making Nuno at Japan House.

Article of the Week - number sixty-five - a bandage from the First World WarRead MoreJune 19, 2021


In the weekly highlight of pieces from the collection there is a triangular bandage from the 1940s.

Discovering Textiles - Santa Cruz banana weavingRead MoreJune 19, 2021


Santa Cruz in the Solomon Islands has a tradition of weaving banana fibres.

Plastics and fashionRead MoreJune 12, 2021

A research project that looked at 10,000 items from High Street shops in the UK has found that more than half of some outlets' clothing contained plastic fibres.

A knitted SandrighamRead MoreJune 12, 2021

You may remember the Knittingale Hospital that Margaret Seaman made during lockdown. The knitter has been at it again.

Discovering Textiles - EuropeanaRead MoreJune 12, 2021

Europeana is a database of images and texts exploring the world of design and art.

Articles of the Week - number sixty-four - a Marimekko CollectionRead MoreJune 12, 2021


Each week something from the collection is chosen to highlight in the blog. This week it is a few pieces from Marimekko.

Being creative during lockdownRead MoreJune 12, 2021


Creativity often comes to the fore when times are difficult.