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Flower portraitsRead MoreSeptember 18, 2021


This week the studio has played host to a series of ethereal flower portraits.

StrandbeestsRead MoreSeptember 18, 2021

In these days of anxiety about rising sea levels one man's quest has created unique beings with polymer sails.

The Indigenous and Female Roots of Harvesting FlaxRead MoreSeptember 18, 2021


Linen is one of the oldest types of fabric in the world.

Thread Bearing Witness - Alice KettleRead MoreSeptember 18, 2021


Alice Kettle started a project in 2017 that explores cultural heritage, displacement and migration.

The last blog from ShetlandRead MoreSeptember 18, 2021


This week we are celebrating twenty years of life in the isles and leave Shetland for a new life.

Article of the week - number eighty-four - kente cloth from GhanaRead MoreSeptember 11, 2021


This week's articles to highlight in the blog are a table runner and napkins from Ghana.

The SwanRead MoreSeptember 10, 2021


Our Shetland correspondent has been on a sea voyage on the Swan.

Another chance to experience spider silk textiles.Read MoreSeptember 10, 2021

Spider silk is strong and light, and incredibly difficult to make into textiles.

Pondering weavingRead MoreSeptember 10, 2021

In the last few days of my life in Shetland I have been thinking about craft and its health benefits for people.

Discovering Textiles - Jo Torr and Pacific CrossingsRead MoreSeptember 10, 2021

Jo Torr, a New Zealand artist, explores identity, encounter and exchange through costume.