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The decline in woolRead MoreDecember 9, 2017

This week an article on BBC News has highlighted the decline in British wool. For those of us in the industry it is unwelcome news...

People who touch woolRead MoreSeptember 9, 2017

A new exhibition has just begun at the Shetland Museum and Archives: People who touch wool.

Egtved Girl revisitedRead MoreJune 3, 2017

Regular readers of the blog may remember the article about Egtved Girl, the Bronze Age burial. Some more research is underway which has revealed something surprising.

John Lewis does weavingRead MoreJanuary 7, 2017


That well-known shop, John Lewis, has always had a fabric department, and this is a centrepiece in their London store.

Winter in Bond StreetRead MoreJanuary 7, 2017


A walk down Bond Street reveals a creative use of wool...

Wool fights backRead MoreOctober 15, 2016

OK. I know this article is all about merino and that we love and use Shetland wool, but it is interesting reading nevertheless...

Studio goings-onRead MoreMay 21, 2016


This week in the studio we have been weaving something new...

The world's wooliest sheep?Read MoreAugust 27, 2014

Is this the world's wooliest sheep? 20kg of fleece!

A song for Wool WeekRead MoreOctober 14, 2013


Felicity Ford has been in Shetland for Wool Week and has written a song all about the isles and the wool produced here. Enjoy...

Shetland Knitting - the Royal way!Read MoreJuly 24, 2013

The Royal baby is going to be well cosy, thanks to a gift from Shetland.