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A travelling tapestryRead MoreJanuary 20, 2018

The so-called Bayeux Tapestry may be coming to the UK.

Tours to Fair IsleRead MoreJanuary 20, 2018


This year we are trying something new for our tours; trips to the island of Fair Isle.

An interesting weekRead MoreJanuary 20, 2018


This week has been busy at the studio, and very interesting.

What is on the loom?Read MoreJanuary 13, 2018

Warping up the next project is going on at the moment. Beautiful colours of the sea, from the white of the spume to the deep blue of the middle of a wave. It makes January weather bearable!

An interesting mapRead MoreJanuary 13, 2018


While researching the island of Fair Isle for our upcoming trip, I found this amazing map...

Happy New YearRead MoreDecember 30, 2017

A very happy New Year to all.

Jen JonesRead MoreDecember 30, 2017


This past week we have been in North Wales, enjoying the Snowdonia National Park, and purchasing blankets for the collection.

Unusual postRead MoreDecember 23, 2017


Over on the BBC a story about the unusual things people post caught our attention.

Elephants in blanketsRead MoreDecember 23, 2017


Here is a Christmas feel-good story about baby elephants.

Can anyone help?Read MoreDecember 22, 2017


We are spending Christmas in Wales and the second hand shops in Swansea have already come up trumps!