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Oil of swallowsRead MoreJanuary 14, 2017


The Royal College of Physicians in London is housed in a wonderful Modernist building. It also has a significant art and craft collection, including these apothecary jars.

Five years that defined an eraRead MoreJanuary 7, 2017

The five years from 1966 until 1970 were a time of great changes which are still being felt today.

WalesRead MoreJanuary 7, 2017


Over Christmas we spent time in Wales and found some Very Interesting things...

Christmas greetings 2016Read MoreDecember 24, 2016

It is just past the shortest day of the year, and it is, of course, Christmas!

Opera with a differenceRead MoreDecember 10, 2016

A reader of the blog sent in this link to an intriguing idea and a multi-species opera!

Some uniforms from New ZealandRead MoreDecember 3, 2016


There are two very good exhibitions on in NZ at the moment - one in Auckland and one in Christchurch.

Twenty years agoRead MoreDecember 3, 2016

In January 1996, the Shetland Times produced the fourth article in a series looking at The Folk of the islands.

Shetland in DecemberRead MoreDecember 3, 2016


December is upon us and already it has been an exciting month!

What is going on over the winterRead MoreOctober 8, 2016

I know that it is October and that we are in the autumn. But we are hatching plans now for summer next year, for Wool Week 2017, and for 2018! Time doesn't stand still after all...

Turing and computer musicRead MoreOctober 1, 2016

Alan Turing, the man who helped to break the Enigma code during the War, has become even more famous recently.