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People who touch woolRead MoreSeptember 9, 2017

A new exhibition has just begun at the Shetland Museum and Archives: People who touch wool.

Shetland NeedleworkersRead MoreJuly 21, 2017

The Shetland Needleworkers programme is now out for the year with some fantastic courses and classes on!

Shetland College showRead MoreJune 16, 2017

It is that time of year; end of year shows at colleges and universities up and down the country.

Interviews from the tweed research projectRead MoreMay 27, 2017

Regular readers of the blog will remember that we have been doing some research, finding out about tweed in Shetland.

Shetland summer beginsRead MoreMay 6, 2017

Last week we were in the middle of a cold spell, so cold in fact that there was snow and ice. This week things are entirely different.

Wool Week 2017Read MoreApril 8, 2017

Wool Week, as everyone knows, is a fab time to be in Shetland. Events, workshops and lots of woolly inspired fun...

The Shetland Tweed CompanyRead MoreMarch 25, 2017


The Shetland Tweed Company has four lengths of cloth available for sale from the studio in Yell.

The tweed research project endsRead MoreMarch 18, 2017


This weekend marked the end of the first part of the tweed research project and we held a lunch party on Saturday to celebrate.

Textures in the landscapeRead MoreMarch 11, 2017


The Shetland Museum has an exhibition in Da Gadderie which has given me food for thought this week.

Shona goes to AustraliaRead MoreMarch 4, 2017


Our lovely neighbours in The Shetland Gallery have been preparing for the summer, but Shona has a Big Adventure first!