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PatternaliaRead MoreJuly 29, 2017

We have a new book in the library. Patternalia is a small tome but full of enough interesting and quirky factoids to brighten any conversation over dinner.

Of workshops and studentsRead MoreJuly 22, 2017


This week we have had two students working with us, and we held a weekend of workshopping.

Khadi - woven cloth with a unique historyRead MoreJuly 22, 2017

Recently a friend sent a link to a YouTube video of khadi, the cotton fabric from India with a fascinating story to tell...

The Subversive StitchRead MoreJuly 21, 2017


We have a new book for the library: The Subversive Stitch by Rozsika Parker.

Shetland NeedleworkersRead MoreJuly 21, 2017

The Shetland Needleworkers programme is now out for the year with some fantastic courses and classes on!

Late summer in ShetlandRead MoreJuly 21, 2017


The seasons change quickly up here in the North. What is the start of the summer heat in the south is already changing in Shetland.

The tiniest fossilsRead MoreJuly 15, 2017

Patterns, patterns and more patterns. The world of the smallest fossils in the world features many.

Anna WestinRead MoreJuly 15, 2017


The Swedish feltmaker, Anna Westin, has a wicked sense of humour and a serious message...

Hannah HöchRead MoreJuly 8, 2017


This week we have been marvelling at the art of Hannah Höch, a German artist who made photomontages and was the only woman to be a member of the Dada Movement.

DNA knittingRead MoreJuly 8, 2017


Channing Hansen, an artist from LA, uses algorithms to create knitted art works.