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The colours of natureRead MoreMarch 25, 2017


This week has been a virtual "voyage of discovery", travelling underwater with the help of old books and rediscovering the fantastic colours of the marine environment.

The Shetland Tweed CompanyRead MoreMarch 25, 2017


The Shetland Tweed Company has four lengths of cloth available for sale from the studio in Yell.

Films about Scotland's textile industriesRead MoreMarch 25, 2017

A reader of the blog (morning Karen!) has sent in this link to a DVD of various films about Scotland's textile industries.

The times they are a-changin'. Read MoreMarch 25, 2017

Over the past few months there has been significant change for almost all of us. We at GlobalYell have not been exempt...

Grayson at the Crafts CouncilRead MoreMarch 18, 2017

The UK Crafts Council has just purchased a pair of tapestries by Grayson Perry.

The tweed research project endsRead MoreMarch 18, 2017


This weekend marked the end of the first part of the tweed research project and we held a lunch party on Saturday to celebrate.

Ann Sutton's beautiful throwRead MoreMarch 18, 2017


Over the past few weeks you will have seen progress on the Ann Sutton throws that we have been making. We have done this set and are very pleased with them indeed!

An electronic jacketRead MoreMarch 15, 2017

Technology is ubiquitous, isn't it? Everywhere you look there is old and new technology. And the new technology quickly becomes the old. Here is a project where old meets new!

Textures in the landscapeRead MoreMarch 11, 2017


The Shetland Museum has an exhibition in Da Gadderie which has given me food for thought this week.

What's OnRead MoreMarch 11, 2017


This coming week is a special one for us in the studio. We are celebrating the end of the first part of our tweed research project.