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A public display of laceRead MoreJuly 30, 2014


Across the water a Warsaw artist is beautifying public spaces with... wait for it... lace!

iPod pouches to keep your technology warm!Read MoreJuly 29, 2014


Now, we HAVE been busy! Here are our newest products.

The art of footwearRead MoreJuly 29, 2014

New York artist Olek uses crochet in innovative and surprising ways... like these amazing shoes.

The Knitting and Stitching ShowRead MoreJuly 29, 2014

Those of you who are in the know have realised that we are going to be at the Knitting and Stitching Show this year in October.

Small acts of kindnessRead MoreJuly 26, 2014

A lovely reader has sent in a link which has made us very happy at the studio.

Reactive inksRead MoreJuly 25, 2014


Now, I like colour. Lots and lots of it. And so this project, courtesy of our mates across at designboom.com is just up my street.

Iconic houses animatedRead MoreJuly 24, 2014

Recently, while surfing the web looking at regeneration projects in the blighted city of Detroit, I stumbled across this site.

Judith WeirRead MoreJuly 22, 2014

The composer, Judith Weir, has been appointed Master of the Queen's Music.

The ancient art of modern graffitiRead MoreJuly 22, 2014


We love graffiti. Those tags that people leave as modern day calling cards nowadays are better known as "street art" and have become a part of revitalising neighbourhoods across the world.

A concertRead MoreJuly 21, 2014


The instrumental ensemble, ffancytunes, is based in Yell and are going to be performing this coming weekend in Lerwick.