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Textile tours 2017Read MoreAugust 27, 2016


Our textile tours are getting more and more popular. The first booking for 2017 has just been made so we got our skates on and did the brochure for next year...

Wool Week 2016Read MoreAugust 27, 2016

It's Wool Week month! The annual celebration of all things woolly and this year it will be bigger than ever.

Accounting for work in an Andean villageRead MoreAugust 27, 2016

You may know about the way the Incas counted, using string and knots to keep records. But here is a fascinating paper about the use of colour and stripes to do the same thing.

A carpet of flowersRead MoreAugust 27, 2016


Every year millions of flowers are exchanged across the world. This year, to mark a special anniversary, 600,000 of them have been used to create a unique carpet in Belgium.

A superlens from silkRead MoreAugust 27, 2016

Scientists have come up with a novel way to make a normal microscope lens into a superlens, capable of viewing extremely small things.

A new photoshootRead MoreAugust 20, 2016


A few weeks back the Shetland Tweed Company was asked to be part of a photoshoot. We supplied some fabric and a waistcoat and here are the fantastic results...

The power of songRead MoreAugust 20, 2016

In another interesting snippet of news about music, it has been discovered that zebra finches can fine-tune their babies' development by singing to them!

Understanding the creative brainRead MoreAugust 20, 2016

Did you know that Sting has had his brain scanned to help scientists better understand the creative brain and how it works?

Another tourRead MoreAugust 20, 2016

This week is the second of the August textile tours, and what an engaging group we have again.

Fibonacci revisitedRead MoreAugust 19, 2016


Anyone who has visited the studio recently will have seen the woven whirlpool, commissioned from the Ann Sutton Foundation. Now a kind friend has sent me a link to something else about Fibonacci, the mathematics behind the sculpture.